Access Control in the Cloud - available in North America
Paxton BLU cloud-based access control
  • A cloud based access-control-as-a-service (AcaaS) solution, for outsourcing security, using IP and GSM connectivity with web browser administration for the North American market.

  • Access from anywhere with internet connection, via PC or smart device

  • Ideal for a range of sites, including where traditional access control is not an option

  • Highly scalable - secure thousands of sites

  • Simple set up with no local server required

  • Simple token administration, onsite or remotely

  • Powered by Amazon Web Services™, offering complete security

  • No manual back up needed, no concerns about a server failure

  • Sold by Paxton:

VOLO cloud-based access control
  • Volo for the UK and Ireland. A cloud based hosted access control solution with IP and GSM connectivity and web browser administration

  • This system architecture removes the need for on-site IT hardware such as PCs, servers or any other specialist or dedicated computer equipment

  • Allows simple, virtually unlimited but scalable expansion for additional sites, users and operators without any need to invest in new software, networks or more powerful servers

  • System enhancements are instantly available to end-users and integrators, without any upgrade requirements on site. 

  • No requirement for operating system updates, managing operating system incompatibilities, virus and firewall protection.

  • System Programming, adding users, card issuance, configuring groups and access rights etc. can be performed from any supported web-browser from anywhere in the world, without having to go to site

  • Sold by Norbain SD Ltd:

Access Control in the Cloud - available in the UK
Access Control for Cash Safes
  • Remotely monitored and GPS tracked cash safe

  • A new innovation for retro-fitting to existing cash safes.

  • Puts your existing cash safe on-line for 24 hour monitoring, auditing and GPS safe tracking.

  • Simple token and PIN based access is provided for safes with one or more chambers. Safe users can be given different priorities and can be added and deleted remotely.

  • Automated reports tell you what happened to your safes and who did what and when.

  • Cash safes are used extensively by fast food outlets, bookmakers and anyone using cash for the majority of their transactions. Now these safes can be monitored and administered by a remote monitoring centre.

  • Prosync uses mobile (GSM/GPRS) communication to put the safes on-line so there is no need to interfere with any existing network on the premises.

  • Sold by Total Security Installations: