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VOLO - Access Control in the Cloud

Using our cloud access control solution, it is easier than ever to help your customers expand their estates without investing in new software, networks or powerful servers.

Compared to traditional door controllers connected to a PC, VOLO combines our robust access control technology with cellular or Ethernet connectivity and connects devices directly to the cloud. This allows users to manage their security policies,  control doors and manage user permissions remotely. It is ideal for multiple sites and multi-user applications, especially where traditional access control is not an option.

Sold by KMC Ltd

Access Control for Cash Safes

Reduce losses through live event monitoring and improve the chances of recovery with our GPS-tracked safe.

With Prosync you can centralise administration, managing and monitoring safes or any secure enclosure remotely. Our solution gives you the most important data, exactly when you need it to help minimise both internal and external losses.

Using the latest robust technologies this certified keyless smart locking device will provide users with peace of mind that their valuables are secure.

Retrofitted to any cabinet, it is a flexible, innovative upgrade to a current solution to keep valuables pro-actively protected.

This tested solution is widely applied both in retail and private environments in the UK.


Sold by Total Security Installations.

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